Highlights of 2023 Touch Taiwan

E-Mobility and ESG technology are the two main axes of Everlight Chemical this year at the 2023 TOUCH Taiwan Smart Display Exhibition. The application products cover automotive touch displays, Micro/Mini LED displays, and SiC slurry recycling. And other corresponding chemical products.

The exhibition in 2023 will be different from the previous ones, especially adding automotive application themes, and Yongguang Chemical will provide related application materials in the downstream optical packaging industry.

Photoresist for Extra Low Temp. Process

EK 610 / EOC 360

  • Features:

  1. Negative type photoresist for extra low temperature process. (post bake temp. 85℃)
  2. For flexible substrate. (COP、PET、PI ,etc.)
  3. For I-line and broad band exposure equipment.
  4. High resolution photoresists. (I-line)

Overcoat Photoresist for High Refractive Index Application

EOC 285

  • Features:

  1. Refractive index (1.70)
  2. Transmittance (550 nm,95%)
  3. Good adhesion after stripping resistance test
  4. Good adhesion after etching resistance test
  5. Good adhesion after moistures resistance test

FOPLP Photoresist

ECA 100 series

EPP 200 series

EverPI® P09 series

  • Features of Photoresist for Plating:

  1. High Sensitivity
  2. High Aspect Ratio
  • Features of Photoresist for Dielectric:

  1. Low curing temperature (180℃)
  2. High resolution
  3. Development with 2.38% TMAH
  4. Good chemical resistance
  5. Excellent adhesion to substrates

ICP Process Photoresist

EPG 560 series

EPG 5650 series

  • Features:

  1. Excellent ability to resist dry etching
  2. Different viscosity and profile shape series to meet a variety of customer needs.

Lift-off Process Photoresist

ENPI 200 series

ENPI 300 series

  • Features:

  1. Inverted trapezoid profile.
  2. Can be used in lift-off, rib, anti-dry etching, and other processes.
  3. Different series of products to meet customer needs.

Photosensitive Polyimide (PSPI)

EverPI® P09 Series

  • Features:

  1. Development with 2.38% TMAH
  2. Low curing temperature (180℃)
  3. Good chemical resistance
  4. High resolution

Photoresist Stripper

EverSP 200 Series

  • Features:

  1. NMP & DMSO free
  2. Water soluble formulation
  3. Low metal corrosion

Low Reflectivity Ink

IPR Series

  • Features:

  1. UV or heat-curing process
  2. Automated production line
  3. Low reflectivity

LCD black side Sealant

IBR Series

IPR Series

  • Features:

  1. UV curing process
  2. Automated production line
  3. Realize high immersion

LCD PUR Adhesives

IPU Series

  • Features:

  1. Environment-Friendly Green Adhesives: Conform to ZDHC Regulation
  2. Energy Saving: Moisture Curing System
  3. Reactive Hotmelt: Good Green Strength & Bonding Strength
  4. Good Working Temperature Stability

Compound Semiconductor Substrate Polishing

ESA 301

  • Features:

  1. Ready to use
  2. Efficiency
  3. Regenerable

High Barrier UV-curing Sealants

AB-300 Series

  • Features:

  1. Solvent-free
  2. Anti-yellowing
  3. Elasticity
  4. Transparency
  5. Water-vapor blocking
  6. Substrate compatibility
  7. Stability (85oC/85%RH@1000hr)
  8. Room temp. storage