Competitive Vantage

Everlight Chemical has not only passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 but also received the 5th CommonWealth CSR prize in 2011. We passed the certification of QC080000 HSPM in 2007. More than that, Electronic Chemical has successfully developed a new generation of water-based negative photoresist to replace the traditional one and reduce the damage of health.

Everlight Chemical always put ourselves in customer’s shoes. From the formula of photoresists, we not only communicate fully with customers and make overall considerations but also develop suitable products for customers to establish long-term partnerships.

Everlight Chemical - Electronic Chemical Plant The Department of Electronic Chemicals in Everlight Chemical takes Taiwan as the major development base and cultivates the technology of photoresists. Our product area are IC, LCD, LED, TP and Wet Chemical. With Greater China as the main market, Integrating into a link in the industry’s global supply chain. We are able to response the customer’s timely requirement quickly. By the adjustment of process optimization and production line mechanization, we can provide the better service.

永光化學電子化學廠-超潔淨黃光室,確保光阻劑品質。 Everlight Chemical spends ten million NT dollars to purchase the necessary equipment for coating、baking、exposure、development of photolithography process and the verification system like Track, Stepper, SEM. It can not only provide the ppb level of analysis and detection, but also improve chemical properties of photoresist to promote the yield rate of customer’s production line. We also build the clean room with ultra-clean production equipment and environment. We have the ability to provide the low, medium, high production to full our customer’s commercialization requirement.

Everlight Chemical-Electronic Chemical Plant (quality) In order to satisfy our customer’s product and technical requirement, we have professional and positive technical service team to provide effective solution quickly and create value for our customers.